Personalized Nutrition Program

Functional Foods


What we need for the Challenge!


Nutrition as prevention and cure

Eating and feeding are two different but strictly interconnected processes: eating means consuming food, feeding means transforming food and absorbing nutrients

It is clear that if we consume the wrong foods or in incorrect quantities (in excess or inadequate) we eat but we feed poorly!

It is useful to remember that through a correct and personalized diet it is possible:

  • Live healthier and longer and improve the efficiency of your body and mental clarity
  • Prevent and treat the main ailments and diseases, improving the state of health
  • Lose excess fat mass in a natural and balanced way by activating your metabolic capacity
  • Detoxify, strengthening your immune defenses thus acquiring more mental and physical energy
  • Improve GUT Microbiota composition improving the nutritients absorption


Both in the event of illness and for preventive purposes, nutrition must ensure an adequate and therefore personalized intake of macro and micro nutrients, essential to nourish our cells and ensure their effective functioning

A body with all the substances available in the right measure ensures that the body remains healthy, and in the event of illness it heals better and more easily!

Primo Contatto
The Discovery Call is used by the Dr. to take the information needed and about the reason of contact. She will also answer a few questions and will schedule the First Consult with the Patient

Lenght: 10 minutes

The Formula

First Consult

It consist in a consult with the objective of evaluating the Patient that wants to begin a Nutrition Program to achieve, redemption, support, and wellbeing. Such objectives will be defined with the Patient, and the program milestones will also be set and exposed

Lenght: 1 hour

Check-up and Beyond 

The Check-up will be scheduled after 3-4 weeks from the First Visit. During the Check-up, the Patient will expose and discuss with the Dr. all the questions and doubts aroused while actuating the first steps of the Nutrition Program. It is prime for the Dr. to understand the Patient’s attitude regarding the program

Lenght: 30-45 minutes


Technology brought Us closer, therefore the Dr. is available for Online Consults by the mean of Video-Call, all over the World

Possible Consults


Diet in Physiological

Nutrition Programs for patients in physiological conditions such as Pregnancy and Breastfeeding, Weaning and Infant Age, Sportsmen, Old Age


Diet in Pathological

Autoimmune Diseases, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, SIBO, Fibromyalgia, Allergies, Dyslipidemias, Dysbiosis, Metabolic Syndrome, Insulin Resistance


Diet for Oncological

Aimed at reducing the side effects of therapeutic protocols, supporting their effectiveness, and avoiding weight gain or malnutrition



“>Which has only the calories restriction in common with the weight loss diet. In addition, this diet is structured on the reduction of Oxidative Stress