The Doctor not only provides a Food Program, but ensures, during the course of the visits, to inform and train the Patient on Nutrition, specifically the best one for their body and lifestyle.

The nutritional educational path will unfold for the minimum time necessary to achieve the objectives set during the first consult.
Once the the program is completed, and all the objectives have been reached, you will be able to count on having acquired total autonomy in correctly managing your diet, since you will have acquired the foods’-nutritional-properties evaluation skills and the ability to combine them. In this way, you will no longer need the help of a nutritionist or dietitian.

A maintenance program will not be issued.
The ultimate goal is to master an adequate diet and nutrition awareness, aimed at maintaining an excellent state of health and preventing diseases related to unhealthy lifestyles.

The Discovery Call is the first step to start the journey with the Doctor. After contacting her directly via Whatsapp, the Doctor will schedule the Discovery Call.
During this call, the Doctor will ask you some questions, both about your personal details and about the purpose for the contact, and based on the answers she will provide the ideal approach for your situation.

The Doctor will then answer a few questions, and confirm the appointment for the First Consult

Lenght: about 10 minutes


The aim of the First Consult is to assess the lifestyle and eating habits that make up the patient’s daily life.

An anthropometric assessment and a body composition analysis will be carried out (for the in-person consults), an accurate food-habits, personal and family history will be taken, and the biochemical analyses and instrumental tests will be analyzed and assessed.

Then, in agreement with the patient, the objectives to be achieved and the path to be taken will be established, and an introduction to food education will be presented.

A food diary may also be assigned, to be filled in daily, which will be discussed together during the Check-up and Beyond to identify what are the behaviors that unintentionally make the good intentions fail.

Lenght: about 1 hour
The Food Program will be delivered after a week, and will be completely customized on the basis of what emerged during the First Consult, with not only the information discussed, but also original and tasty recipes suitable for preparing the meals, and practical advice to help following the program


The Check-up will be scheduled 3-4 weeks after the begin of the program. It is really important as the patient will expose all the questions and doubts that have arisen while adopting the first steps of the Food Program. It is also prime for the Doctor, who realizes the individual response of the Patient and the attitude towards the program.

During this first Check-up and the following ones, the Doctor will take weight and body composition measurements to compare and evaluate the differences in hydration, lean mass and fat mass compared to previous meetings (for the in-person consults).
An in depth analysis of the various changes that the patient has observed during the period between the previous interview and the current one will be conducted, especially in regard to bowel habits, energy level, general well-being and ease of commitment to the Food Program. In some cases it will also be useful to evaluate, after hearing the opinion of the attending Physician, any changes in laboratory tests.
Based on the aforementioned variables, the Food Program may be updated from time to time.
The food plan will still be updated, regardless of the result achieved, at each change of season, with the aim of respecting foods’ seasonality.

Lenght: about 30-45 minutes